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I provide both Group Workshops and one to one sessions 


3 hour One to One sessions for €150.- Book Here

Group workshop dates also below


My Workshops

On my workshops or one to one sessions I explain how to capture photographs like the above and below consistently, the thought process involved, the settings and finally the results with minimal editing involved. 


I have a very simple approach that I use on every shoot something I have developed over the years, during the workshops I talk you through my approach and how you can use it to enjoy and help improve your images. There is no greater feeling than capturing a beautiful photograph something you get to relive every time you look at it.


Having a deep appreciation of the beauty of this country, I try to concentrate as much as I can on being in the moment as well as capturing it. The confidence you get from knowing your equipment and how to use it correctly lets you enjoy the views that bit more and take a breath and watch it all unfold before you.


One thing I have always noticed over the years is photographers really enjoy nature and I feel its half the attraction of actually taking photographs in the first place.

Yes that's not exactly a ground breaking idea but to me this part is....


Ok picture this.


You are at a stunning location and lets say the sun is setting giving this amazing glow to the sky. Its lighting up beautifully and there is some lovely soft sea spray drifting into shot to soften and spread the light or lets just simply say it couldn't get any better for us photographers.


I have been in situations like this on workshops with people and the one thing I have noticed is photographers panic, they work furiously to counteract changing light and busy themselves with camera settings. Missing the scene and struggling to capture the moment.


Now there are two ways to look at this.

1.- The experienced photographer takes a few shots and then you will notice its all just calm and relaxed after that but also they enjoy the process of capturing the image. End result = Captures the desired image and enjoys the moment immersed in Nature.

2.- The inexperienced photographer struggles to capture the image and tries to battle light and unfortunately misses the whole experience. End result = An image that for some reason or another doesn't workout due to exposure or composition, misses the moment and returns home semi frustrated.


Which one would you prefer to be? Well that's an easy question to answer isn't it?


What gives the Photographer the ability to relax?  Confidence that's the difference in my mind. They know their equipment but more importantly how to use it. This is where workshops and tuition come in, they can give you the control and confidence to relax and settle into the moment while capturing its beauty.


Nobody can make you a world class photographer but there are ways to destress the experience and achieve the results you want while you enjoy the scenery. It may take a bit of time but with a bit of help you will at least be on the right road.


Oh and we also get to see some amazing places and create some great shots. 


On the workshops you get a chance to use one of my professional tripods and a number of different filters and filter holders.


I can also supply equipment, camera's, tripod's and filters for only your use on the day click here for more details.



The details of the one to one sessions are entirely up to you and your knowledge or skill level.




Workshops available in Landscape, Seascape, Portraiture and Flash Photography.

Group rates and day long workshops also available around Ireland from Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Clare, Galway, Donegal etc... (see below for more details) for my 2017/2018 upcoming workshops click here for dates.



Full day Photography workshops (6hrs) for one to one tuition from €300.00

For groups of 2 its €150.00 each

For Groups of 3 its €140.00 each

For Groups of 4 its €130.00 each

For groups of 5 its €100.00 each

To book or enquire about availability click here


The typical full day workshops are relaxed and very much hands on, no point in knowing the technical aspects if you cant put it into action. As a passionate Photographer personally I find photography is a combination of vision and technical knowledge and one is no good with out the other. The normal workshop involves the following elements but it can also be more specific to your individual needs.


1.- We all take a photograph that's very important as from that image I can tell a lot about your particular style of photography and also the control you have over your equipment. There is no right or wrong way of doing this its just your way and it wont be shown to the group.


2.- I will explain briefly how the exposure triangle works, not the maths or complications just how you should use the simpler parts to take a photo in manual mode. Shooting in Auto mode is like physically throwing paint at a canvas, shooting in manual mode is using a paint brush instead, the control and delicacy is all under your own control.


3.- One of the more important parts an explanation on the effect shutter speed and Aperature have on your images. How you can be creative with these two corner stones of photography and bend them to your will in an image.


4.- Why shoot Raw or Jpeg, what is dynamic range? Sounds complicated doesn't it? Well its really quite simple.  


4.- We all take a few photographs again this time I go around and help explain what is going right and what is going wrong. How to improve the image if possible and why these changes work.


5.- An explanation on how I personally take a photograph and setup my equipment. Its always important to think outside the box, don't just see whats before you and capture it.


6.- How filters work and their uses in modern photography. I usually shoot this part tethered to a laptop so we can all see the results on a larger screen.


7.- How to focus, this may seem simple but its amazing how many people get it wrong in Landscape photography. From single point focusing to back button focusing, continuous and single Focus modes and how depth of field can be your enemy or best friend.


8.- What to buy and what not to buy in photography, I have purchased numerous systems lenses and filter sets as well as tripods over the years, this is the part where you could save a bit of money.


9.- Now the fun begins and we immerse ourselves in the surrounds and find specific points to photograph, Composition is without doubt the the main part or the backbone of an image. You can take the most technically perfect photograph but if its from the wrong angle or of a boring subject that is where it will fail. 


10.- Is the choice of lens and focal length for specific photographs, how it impacts an image and why a different lens can completely transform an image.


11.- Editing an image, at the end of the day I will run you through one of the simpler ways to edit a photograph. I am a huge fan of Adobe Lightroom and that's nearly all I ever use. 



Landscape photography is usually along the coastline, Portraiture Can be anywhere at all from in studio to open air (It's only limited by your imagination), I can also arrange for a professional model for the shoots (extra cost involved).


The Workshops can cover the absolute basics to the more advanced aspects of photography, you decide.


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I can also train you to use your equipment more effectively.

A normal one to one session involves going to an area you would like to photograph, once there I will help you to understand the best way to capture the image you want and afterwards show you how to process that very same image either on site, at your home or at my studio.


I can provide a professional tripod and various filters if needed and explain their specific uses.


I am a firm believer in "doing is learning" so its a very practical tuition session with as much plain English as possible. Keeping things simple and learning by doing.


After the session you will have a clearer understanding of the process involved in taking a good photograph consistently.


Making it the ideal present for someone with an interest in photography.


Click Here to book a session


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Photography Workshops Cork & Kerry, IrelandA short video about my photography workshops in and around Ireland, mainly based in Cork and around the West Cork coast. I am also available all around Ireland. Landscape and Seascape photography, West Cork, Cork, IrelandA quick view of a few of the locations available around West Cork for my group or one to one landscape and seascape photography workshops.