"one to one photography workshops cork", tuition, lessons, workshop, "one to one", "photography courses", "west cork", cork, ireland, workshops, "long exposure", Landscape, Seascape, photographySunset in West CorkAs the sun slides below the headland at Dunmore, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland the waves dance and gentle caress the rocks as they have done everyday since time began.<br/> <br/> This Photograph is a slight Long Exposure to create a bit of movement in the water to add that little bit extra to the image.<br/> <br/> I have a blog set-up to explain Long Exposure Photography and its various uses as well as explaining the technique itself.

I provide one to one photography workshops in West Cork, Cork and around Ireland as for me it's clearly the best way to help people improve their photography.


At the sessions its all about you and how to improve your photography, I strive to speak as much plain English as possible and teach by doing rather than just talking about it. A hands on approach always works best as you can grasp the technical aspects and relate to them better once you are actually doing it.


Group sessions are also great but in my experience you learn a lot more on the one to one sessions as well as having the information tailored to your requirements and where you are at on your photography journey.


The times and location are up to you. Most of the session I do are based around West Cork with its stunning coastline as the setting. No matter what the conditions you always get some great images.


3 hour sessions are €150.- (based near Clonakilty or travelling costs extra)

6 hour sessions are €300.- (based near Clonakilty or travelling costs extra)


Click Here to send me a message about attending one of my one to one sessions or if you have any questions.


The 3 hour sessions are usually the most popular option and can be arranged around a time that suits you and your schedule. Making them an ideal present for the photographer in your life.


These session can be tailored to your specific needs and what aspects of your own photography you want to improve on.


I can provide a professional tripod to use on the day and a set of filters if you don't have your own. Click here for more information


On these sessions I talk clients through the little hints and tricks I have picked up over the years. Simple little things that help on a daily basis.


I usually take out my camera also on these sessions as often times its easier to show someone what exactly you mean than try to describe.


The normal sessions involve explaining the following.

1.- Focusing.

2.- Filters.

3.- Choice of lens or focal length.

4.- Tripods.

5.- Composition.


Again this can all be changed to what you feel your struggling with in your own photography.


These sessions are informative and always explained in plain English with hopefully a laugh or two had a long the way.


A bit more detail on the workshops can be found Here


Hope to see you at one some day soon.