Beginner's photography courses in 2020.





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Kieran Hayes Photography, West Cork: Commercial &emdash;



This course starts on Monday the 27th of April at night for 8 weeks from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm in O'Donovans Hotel, Pearse Street, Clonakilty. With a maximum of 10 people on the course.


It will start with the very basics of photography and slowly move on from there. This course is all in plain English and you will be using your camera on each night.


We will have 8 nights of fun and photography, the first 2 nights will be about the basics and how your camera captures the image through to simple things like how to hold the camera. You will also get a private personal assignment each week to help you develop your photography. You can choose to share your assignment results with the class or keep them private.

On one of the nights, we will be going outside and moving around the town taking photographs and experimenting with different compositions.



The breakdown of the course is as follows...


Night one.

A general breakdown of how your camera works and best practises for taking photographs.



Night two

What all the settings on your camera are for and why they are there.



Night three

Shutter speed, examples of how we can use shutter speed to capture what we want. We will spend an hour shooting at different shutter speeds and seeing how the results vary.



Night four

ISO and Aperture, the final two elements of the exposure triangle. I will talk you through how these two parameters can be your best friend.

Night five

Composition, on this night I will be talking about composition in  not only landscape but Portraiture also. How simple little things have a huge impact on your results. 


Night six

Editing photographs and the best software for editing them, this also includes comprehensive free software options you may not know about.


Night seven

Out and about in Clonakilty taking photographs (weather permitting). If the weather is bad we will do it the following week.

Night 8

Is reviewing any of the photographs from night 7 participants took and going over any questions and also explaining how I take photographs.


The course will have cheat sheets and tips and tricks for all participants.


The course can be booked below, it's €100.- per person for the course.

There will also be a second follow up course in April where we go into the more advanced aspects of photography. 


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Kieran Hayes Photography, West Cork: Commercial &emdash;

Wild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayA shot from the wild atlantic way down in West Cork on the Mizen head.