Newborn photography

Newborn photography and what to look for... 






If your reading this then I presume congratulations are in order, this is an incredibly special time in your life and who you pick to capture those moments for you is really important.


Firstly it should be a relaxed comfortable experience, ideally in your own home as let's face it who wants to go travelling in a car with a newborn baby only days old to go take pictures. I have 5 children myself so I have been there and know how tired you feel at the time. This is a whole other story but I actually delivered our second-youngest myself, now that was an experience :-).



So back to the sessions, I can't tell you how many times I have been on a newborn session when even one of the parents needed to change clothes. When you are at home there is a simple solution, just go change :-) All too often parents don't think to bring a change of clothes when travelling for a newborn shoot.



So Newborn photography takes time and just can't be rushed it needs to be done in a calm relaxed way in a warm environment by a caring person experienced in handling and positioning newborns. If the parents are relaxed then the baby will be also. Always look for reviews on the photographer's website or social media. 



How much does a session cost?

Most importantly what does it include?

Quite often a session price includes travelling, set up costs and the photographers time editing the photos but the most important question to ask is what do you get? Are there prints included?

If so how many?

When do you receive the photographs?

Do you get the digital edited photographs?

Surprisingly some newborn shoots can cost well over €300 by the time you are Finished why? because firstly you pay for the shoot and then you may have to pay for each individual photograph, so be sure to check what's included.


Check if the quoted price is including Vat. Some photographers quote prices excluding Vat, the vat then has to be paid by the customer which is another 23%.


Some photographers quote very cheap prices as they are just starting out and are inexperienced, this can be a gamble from your point of view, it might work or it could be a disaster also. They don't have insurance, use standard or secondhand equipment including lenses and lighting and use practically no props, setup costs approx €1,000. 


On the other hand, other photographers are insured, use professional-grade equipment and a selection of lenses (with a spare backup set, even pro equipment can fail) have a host of props from numerous blankets & wraps to beanbags, frames etc... and then there is also the diffused lighting, a range of accessories like portable heaters and white noise machines designed to relax newborn babies by simulating the sounds of being in the womb. Setup costs €12,000 to €16,000



The control of their equipment is vital, an experienced photographer uses their equipment in manual mode, while considerably more difficult it gives the photographer far more creative control on the resulting image and style of photograph. 

You can also take photographs in Auto mode much as you can also paint by throwing paint at a canvas, manual mode is like using a brush to apply the paint giving control and adding depth or feel to an image. 



Insurance is something all photographers should have. For both yours and their peace of mind. Accidents do happen and insurance is an important safety net.



Now, this is a funny one, never look at a website and think oh wow they take amazing newborn photographs, I know a good few photographers that use stock photographs (images they purchased off other photographers) to advertise their services both on social media and on their own websites.


Always look for references from paying customers. An easy way of doing this if you don't want to ask is to go to their social media feeds, for example, Facebook and look for reviews by actual customers. Speaking of social media some photographers automatically share your images online via their social media and website others don't. If this important to you then make sure to ask before booking a shoot. 


Props, what props are available and what style of shoot do you want. Are the prints for a specific room in your home and if so do you want matching colours? Would you prefer neutral colours? Or have you items of sentimental value you would like to include in the photoshoot and is that possible? 


Response time is a strange one, in my experience a lot of clients expect to contact a photographer straight away which in an ideal world would be fantastic but the reality is when you are on a job your phone is on silent so as not to disturb the client on the photoshoot so please give the photographer a bit of time to respond. Often times the first to respond is usually the one that's not in demand. 


Who chooses the final images? Do you get 10 images of the photographers choosing or do you choose the ten images yourself? It often amazes me the images people personally select from a shoot. My favourite shot is always included but there are also always a few surprises in there. We all see images differently and while some may be technically perfect there could always be one-shot that is selected because it simply just reminded the parents of another family member. 


The reality is all of the above are important but the images, their quality and how you personally feel about them is all that's really important. 


I would always recommend going with an experienced friendly and professional photographer. They are in demand because they always deliver on every shoot and know exactly what they are doing. So if you email them don't be surprised if they don't come back quickly to you, they bare probably working. 


Google is your best friend when looking for a newborn photographer, usually the better ones rank in the top 3 results but sadly their price can also reflect the demand.





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Congratulations again and enjoy every second of this amazing time.