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Photography workshops in Cork and Kerry






I have a lot of photography workshops in Cork coming up again this year. These workshops focus on Long Exposure Photography, Seascape Photography and Landscape Photography.


Ideal for all levels of Photographers and they make a great present for the budding photographer in your life. See below for dates of workshops. Contact me to arrange a voucher Here or send me a Private Message through my Facebook Page.


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My workshops are always light-hearted and focused on what you want to achieve out of your own style of photography. In these workshops, there is usually only 3 to 4 clients to make sure I have plenty of time with everyone and to focus on their questions.


I follow up by email with clients afterwards and normally supply a low-resolution photograph of the raw image and the finished image, explaining the editing process and how I achieved the results with a minimum amount of editing. Normally I edit a photograph in about 3-10 minutes max.


Workshop Timetable

1.- We all take a photograph that's very important as from that image I can tell a lot about your style of photography and also the control you have over your equipment. There is no right or wrong way of doing this it's just your way and it won't be shown to the group. Remember photography is an art form and we all see and feel things differently.


2.- I will explain briefly what and how the exposure triangle works, not the maths or complications just how you should use the simpler parts to take a photo in manual mode. Shooting in Auto mode is like physically throwing paint at a canvas, shooting in manual mode is using a paintbrush instead, the control and delicacy is all under your own control.


3.- One of the more important parts an explanation on the effect shutter speed and Aperature have on your images. How you can be creative with these two cornerstones of photography and bend them to your will in an image.


4.- Why shoot Raw or Jpeg, what is dynamic range? Sounds complicated doesn't it? Well its really quite simple.  


4.- We all take a few photographs again this time I go around and help explain what is going right and what is going wrong. How to improve the image if possible and why.


5.- An explanation on how I personally take a photograph and set up my equipment for a photograph. Why I do and the thought process involved.


6.- How filters work and their uses in modern photography.


7.- How to focus, this may seem simple but it's amazing how many people get it wrong in Landscape photography. From single point focusing to back button focusing and how depth of field can be your enemy or best friend. I also have a few simple tricks that make it so much easier to get your focus perfect every time.


8.- What to buy and what not to buy in photography, I have purchased numerous systems lenses and filter sets as well as tripods over the years, this is the part where you could save a bit of money and also invest in equipment you will actually use.


9.- Now the fun begins and we immerse ourselves in the surrounds and find specific points to photograph, Composition is without doubt the main part or the backbone of an image. You can take the most technically perfect photograph but if it's from the wrong angle or of a boring subject that is where it fails. This is where most people stumble and yes its a very easy thing to forget but yet the most vital element of a photograph. The composition is the Heart of your image never forget that.


10.- The choice of lens and focal length for specific photographs, how it impacts an image and why a different lens or focal length can completely transform an image. Something most people forget and yes a lens can transform how big or small an object is in a photograph but it also does so very much more than that.







Landscape photography is usually along the coastline, Portraiture Can be anywhere at all from in-studio to open air (It's only limited by your imagination), I can also arrange for a professional model for the shoots (extra cost involved).


The Workshops can cover the absolute basics to the more advanced aspects of photography, you decide.


Normally the photography workshops take place in Clonakilty or around nearby West Cork, Sessions are also available in Cork please contact me for pricing and to discuss the location.

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I can also train you to use your equipment more effectively on a one to one session.

A normal session involves going to an area you would like to photograph, once there I will help you to understand the best way to capture the image you want and afterwards show you how to process that very same image on-site.


I can provide a professional tripod and various filters if needed and explain their specific uses.


I am a firm believer in "doing is learning" so its a very practical tuition session with as much plain English as possible. Keeping things simple and learning by doing.


After the session, you will have a clearer understanding of the process involved in taking a good photograph consistently.


Making it the ideal present for someone with an interest in photography


If you have any questions or would like to book a session then just click here to send me a message.