My Luminar 4 review, download link and discount.

Luminar 4 review and discount code



Luminar 4 is a great bit of photography editing software and the good news is I can give you a discount to save you €10.- or $10.- on purchasing it, simply click here to get the discount.


What I love about Luminar 4 is you can buy it outright and it's really good value considering the features it has. You not renting it on a monthly basis so this is perfect for anyone on a budget or not wanting to rent Adobe products like Lightroom and Photoshop.


So Why is Luminar 4 better than most of the other editing software out there?

It's easy to use and incredibly powerful and best of all it has a cataloging feature just like Lightroom.


For the sake of transparency I should say that you get a €10.- or $10.- discount for ordering via my link but I also get a slight commision if you order Luminar 4 via one of my links. This small commission helps me write reviews like this and find more discounts for you.


Luminar 4 also has a catalogue facility which means like Lightroom you can create different catalogues for different genres of photography like Family, Landscape, Aerial photography etc....

Or to grade your images by one star all the way up to 5 star.


Portraiture and Landscape photography editing

Luminar 4 is great for not only editing your landscape photography images but also your portraiture photographs so it really is a great all rounder. You can smoothen skin and adjust to name just a few little tricks it can perform for you.


Yes you can replace skies and superimpose birds, planes and the moon as well as other things in seconds but I think most of us will love its ability to quickly edit our images above all else. 


I will be updating this page shortly with a far more detailed review and description of the Luminar 4 system, with a short video also. So please check back soon for a more detailed description on Luminar 4


If you are interested in purchasing Luminar 4, I can save you a bit of money by clicking here on Luminar 4 to save you €10.- or $10.- on your purchase.

Alternatively click below to download your free trial.

My dedicated Luminar 4 website page is here where I have a more in-depth review of its features and why I think this is an amazing bit of editing software.


Luminar 4.Trial download