Pixpa discount code and website building system review

I am delighted to announce I am now working with Pixpa and I can offer you 20% off their website building platform with my Pixpa discount code.

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I only promote products I would use myself and personally believe in. If you would like to become one of my partners then please contact me here I would love to talk to you about it.




Pixpa are the all-in-one website building platform specifically for photographers and creatives.


I am super happy to be an ambassador for their web design platform as it means I can offer you 20% off with this Pixpa discount code


Simply enter the discount code at checkout to get 20% off your first year's price.


Incidentally it's 25% cheaper on average to subscribe for a year and then you can also get 20% off with this promo code.

You also get a free 2-week trial and a free domain name for the first 12 months click here to start your trial. 



Why Pixpa?

Well their platform is hassle free ,their chat service is second to none and they don't charge commission on their e-commerce galleries.


So, yes I get a slight commission for promoting Pixpa but I have paid for their website and moved to their platform and was using it before I was made an ambassador for their service. 


So is my review accurate? Hell yes it is, I have trusted my business to this platform and that's something I take incredibly seriously. 


To give you an idea of the research I have done... It all started when I came across Pixpa one day while reading about website design and decided to give it a try for 2 weeks on the free 2 week trial period. I had a good play with it back in November 2019, then as I got really busy at work and I had to put it to the side and forgot about it for a few months. I approached them and asked for another trial period and I got it. This time I used it a lot and loved it. 

Which brought me to purchasing it for a year... After setting up my two new website and spending over a month on and off playing with it I had a question about galleries (my stupid mistake) so I had a conversation with Pixpa staff which led to another long conversation and me being made an ambassador for their service on the 16th of March 2020. 


The advantage to all this for you is you get a nice clean website platform that works incredibly well and you get 20% off with my Pixpa discount code also so it's a real win win for everyone.


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So what does Pixpa do?

 Well, with Pixpa you can create a professional website with your portfolio, online store, client galleries and blog. It is a very easy, drag-and-drop website builder which needs no coding knowledge to set-up. 

You simply build the website and pay a yearly or monthly fee and that's it, my advice here is to go for the yearly rate as it's a lot cheaper. You even get a free custom domain with annual subscriptions.

I built the two websites below on Pixpa and while they are not finished I am very happy with the system and love the design flexibility. I have also tried Squarespace and I currently have my commercial and portraiture website on Zenfolio (this one) which I hope to move shortly. Wordpress, of course, is the next option but I just don't have the weeks to figure it out and get it working. 


So if you are looking for a fast clean website builder that performs well and looks great then I highly recommend Pixpa.

You can see my two new websites below. They are not completely finished yet but then again when is a website ever finished?




Don't forget    Kieran20   to get 20% off and it's a win-win for both you and me.


When you see their prices start at less than €70.- a year and you get a custom domain name also that's incredible value. Take 20% off that with my Pixpa discount code and it so good you should no longer be reading this and heading straight to their website now :-)


Pixpa website building platform 20% off

Vanguard USA 15% off.

Formatt Hitech 10% off.

Thanks again for helping me and my photography journey by reading this blog.


See you out there,



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Kieran Hayes 

Kieran Hayes Photography

Pixpa Discount code

Website review and discount code

My review of the Pixpa website building platform and my discount code to help you build your own website.

16th of June 2020





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