Clonakilty, West Cork Photographer


Hello, I am Kieran and I am a professional photographer based in Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.


My work varies a lot from day to day which is what I love about my job.


One day I could be doing newborn photoshoots and the next a fashion shoot or a photography workshop based along the coast or product photography of the most stunning jewellery.



This variety keeps me on my toes and also gives me a huge kick out of photography.


I am very unusual in that I enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting on a cliff's edge photographing natures beauty all by myself for hours to being right in the middle of a wedding capturing those precious moments and memories.


Every day brings with it something new and every photoshoot has its challenges too. 


Clonakilty is a photographers paradise as its close to the City as well as being nestled in nature and surrounded in stunning beaches, cliff walks and panoramic views.


The range of services I provide are vast, I absolutely love photography and for me anything that involves taking a photograph represents fun.


Please select the area of my work you are interested in the menu and I hope to see you soon.



Kieran Hayes.