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So if you're reading this then I am guessing you're in the market for some photography filters or at least just weighing up your options.



I highly recommend the Firecrest range of filters from Formatt Hitech and the great news is you get 10% off all their products with promo code HAYES10 simply enter the code at checkout to get the discount. 


Unlike a lot of ambassadors, I actually bought and paid for these filters with my own money before I was made a Formatt Hitech Featured Artist and Brand Ambassador. 


1.- Firecrest Ultra review

    Utterly stunning filters that never leave my camera bag.


2.- Firecrest Pro review

    The most reasonably priced Firecrest filters that are completely        colour neutral.


3.- Firecrest promo or discount codes including any special offers

    Get 10% off with code HAYES10  all year round and sometimes there are other amazing special offers.




See my video below of the Firecrest 100mm filter holder. The best holder on the market and why I have no problem saying that.





You can also buy Gift vouchers here for workshops.














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