My photography gear and what I use.




I am an ambassador for Formatt Hitech Firecrest filters.

This was by choice not reward.


I have tried numerous other systems and I honestly feel they are the best out there and proud to have my name associated with their products.


My go to set up is a Firecrest filter holder with either a 6 stop or 10 stop Firecrest neutral density filter. I also use a 5 stop nd graduated filter. This set-up accounts for the vast majority of my seascape work.


As an ambassador I can offer a 10% discount via their website with the code HAYES10 


I will only standby products I would personally use and feel offer excellent results.



Nikon D810 upgrading to the D850 shortly.

Nikon D600

Nikon D70s (could never sell that camera)


Nikon Lenses I use regularly

16-35mm F4

24-70mm F2.8

50mm F1.4

70-200mm F4 (lighter than F2.8)

85mm F1.8

105mm F2.8

I have a selection of other lenses but don't use them as often.



Phantom P3 pro with a selection of modifications



All Manfrotto 055 pro3 models, I have found them to be very sturdy and incredibly reliable, I use several of them for camera supports and off camera flash use on location with adaptor plates.


I use a range of Photosel studio lights for in studio work

For on location shoots I use Nikon flashguns off camera.


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