How my newborn photography shoots work




The Photoshoot can be either in the comfort of your own home or in my studio. The choice is entirely yours. There is a slight charge for travelling though if its further than 15km from me.


So normally I call to you in the comfort of your own home with a full studio setup to take photos of your precious little one.


I bring all the lighting, bean bag, backgrounds, baby wraps, props, cameras and lenses with me.


Thus avoiding the hassle of packing everyone up in the car and going to an unfamiliar studio and disturbing your newborn taking them in and out of cars and carriers. This is the most important aspect of it as we all know babies absolutely love spins in the car and the last thing you want to do is go dragging a baby out of their car seat after they are all nice and cosy, it usually doesn't end well. Also, the second consideration is creasing on the skin from clothes and carrier straps, these red marks can ruin photographs.


One of the big things during the shoot is you see the raw photographs on my laptop screen as I take them and you have full control over the style of shots you get. It's something I found customers love and sets everyone at ease straight away.



I bring all the props, studio lighting, blankets and accessories with me. Including a portable heater to keep baby extra warm. The lighting I use is low powered double diffused flash so its extremely gentle and very kind to babies eyes, a lot of people are concerned about using direct flash like on a normal camera incl smartphones as newborns eyes are highly sensitive still. I can assure you this system is extremely safe and incredibly mild. I wouldn't use it otherwise.


All the props I use are replaced regularly and cleaned after every single use. You can also choose the colour of the blankets, outfit and accessories for the shoot or even bring along something of sentimental value to you that you would like in one of the photos (old teddy bears and/or dolls are most common) 


Normally the best time for newborn portraits is around the first 10-14 days after birth as both mother and baby have had time to recover and get to know one and other. The newborn features are nearly perfect at that stage and the baby should be a bit more relaxed and comfortable in their new environment. 




I have a blog post on Newborn photography and what to look out for if you want to read it.


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