Newborn photography props selection or at least some of them anyway.



Ranging from backdrops to wraps and accessories.



My selection is constantly changing and this page is updated regularly as a result.



All these products are washed thoroughly before each photo shoot and replaced on a regular basis.



One can mix and match any of the backdrops with the wraps, so there are hundreds of possibilities.


All these backdrops are shot with a frame over a specially made bean bag that has been designed for newborn shoots.





As you can see below there is a wide variety of wraps available, they vary in not only colour but also texture.

Usually, these wraps are used to hide the babies nappy and to also wrap them up to keep them a bit warmer and thus more comfortable.


Please select the wrap colour you would prefer.



Headbands and hats.

These are the headbands and hats I carry with me, they are usually the last items to be used as some babies really don't like the feeling of something placed on their head.