Photography Filters Ireland



Coming soon... Late 2019 early 2020


I am delighted to announce I will be a reseller for Formatt Hitech Firecrest filters in Ireland starting in Late 2019 early 2020.


"Formatt Hitech discount promo code 2018 2019", "Brand ambassador Firecrest Formatt Hitech"Formatt Hitech Ambassador


I will have stock on hand and I will be offering a try before you buy experience.



Call down to me from mid April 2019 and if you want to you can even take away a Firecrest filter holder and a filter for the day or a few hours(deposit required), there is a €25.- a day rental charged for use, which is refunded if you purchase a filter or filters.



Please note there is a you break it (damage it) you bought it policy though.



Return them with no obligation to purchase them.



Selling at the best online prices and you also get to feel the product before you buy it.




Why buy filters online or in a shop when you can actually use them, see them and have a quick play with them before you buy them.



You will be able to buy the filters directly off me and we can sit down and talk about what exactly you're looking for in a filter and what will work best for you.



I will be running several Formatt Hitech workshops where you can use the filters yourself with some guidance from me also. These days will be announced soon with the first happening in May and the next one In July.



Until then you can get 10% off all filters via the Formatt Hitech website with the discount code HAYES10.



I will also be running special offers where if you buy a filter kit you get a minimum of 20% off a one to one workshop. So it's a win-win situation for you.