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Why do people buy prints of Ireland?


This country is not only incredibly pleasing to the eye but for so many, it touches their very soul.


I have often described Ireland as an "old world country" but that's not saying its outdated or behind in anyway. It's more of a slower paced relaxed and easy going country where the people enjoy life from simple chats on the street to those kind little waves we glance at each other as we pass in our cars.


Of course, the cities are slightly different but the countryside is where Ireland's heart beats.


We as a nation of spread to all corners of the globe and it really makes me smile when I see one of my prints going to a new home where I know the client is of Irish ancestry or just loves the country. To think this photograph has been selected to remind them of Ireland is the greatest honour you could bestow on anyone. I captured would be used as a symbol of love for this gorgeous land honestly moves me.

This in my mind is what endears Ireland to so many people its the soul of the country a beautiful mixture of landscape and a bit of time for everyone.