Skylum Luminar AI review and Promotional code "luminar AI promo code", "luminar AI discount code"Luminar AI review and specs.My Luminar AI review and specifications

I am delighted to be say Skylum have given me a discount code for Luminar AI. The discount code  HAYES10  will give you €10.- $10.- or £10.- off this software, simply add the code at checkout to get the discount.

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For the sake of transparency I should say I get a slight commission for any sales made with my discount code but hey you get money off also.

The video below show 3 money saving tips for Luminar AI so if you have two minutes you could save yourself a nice bit of money.


So before we go into the review of how the product works I think it's very important to quickly talk about the thinking behind this new Artificial Intelligence software.

Luminar Ai is designed to increase the speed of your workflow or photography editing, this is all done via the AI engine in Luminar AI. When you import a photograph the engine automatically looks at the image and figures out what type of a photograph it is and then suggests a selection of templates for you to use.

"Luminar AI", "luminar ai discount code",  "luminar AI promo code"Luminar AI rEVIEWMy review of Luminar AI
These templates carry a number of effects that are intelligently added to your photograph to create the look you want with just a few button pushes... Now doesn't that sound amazing? I found it very hard to believe this would actually work until Luminar sent me out a pre-release beta copy to try and you can see from my video review below of my it works well. I will be adding an updated video very soon so make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date with the exciting new features coming soon to Luminar AI. I will release more info on those details as soon as I am allowed to by Skylum.

Luminar AI was released on the 15th of December 2020 and they change or update the software once yearly and normally around November to December so expect a new version in Nov to Dec 2021.

There are of course updates over the course of the year for Luminar AI and we are expecting a few big updates soon in the shape of Sky2.0 which will give you the possibility to add sky reflections in water also. The update I am looking for has to be Bokeh AI as this is to give us more control over the depth of field in an image. You will be able to decrease the depth of field in your images to narrow down the area in focus and this is done via the 3d depth mapping facility in Luminar AI.

There are several AI features already in Luminar AI 

Composition AI 
Achieve great composition from any angle. You'll always get the perfect frame. Composition AI blends the golden rules of composition with the expertise of the world's best photographers. 

Body AI 
Make bodies appear lighter or add weight where needed, for a realistic and stunning effect. The world's first body shaping technology Body AI detects a body in any position - sitting, lying down, lounging, and transforms it according to your needs. 

Iris AI 
Create expressive and breathtaking eyes, with a natural spark that brings a face to life. Achieve a stunning automatic effect with a few simple tweaks of the Iris AI tool: add drama, change color, spark a twinkling light. 

Face AI 
Improve faces naturally: enhance lips and teeth; remove unwanted dark circles and more. 

Skin AI 
Instantly remove blemishes while preserving pores, texture and hair. Automatically detect and remove shine from the skin. 

Atmosphere AI 
Add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth - fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle - with Atmosphere AI. 

Sky AI 
Easily change the sky in your photo in seconds to create a whole new mood. Works perfectly even with tiny details intersecting your sky. 

Augmented sky AI 
Detects a photo's sky automatically and adds a chosen element to the sky area. 

Accent AI 
Get natural lighting and life-like color for every portrait with a single slider. 

Sky Enhancer AI 
Sky Enhancer AI makes seamless adjustments to skies to make them pop without looking unnatural. It produces amazing results while saving you time in the edit. 

Structure AI 
Bring out details in all the right places. Structure AI recognizes people, water, skies and objects. it adds depth and clarity to a scene by pulling out critical detail just where required.

These are just some of the advantages of Luminar AI, now for those of you that may already own Luminar 4 I would say there are two things you should know before you purchase Luminar AI. The first being that there is no way to migrate or move your Luminar 4 catalogue to AI and the second thing is that there are no layers in AI so please do consider that before you make the jump.

The portrait editing facilities of this software are fantastic and just for those facilities it truly is a bargain. When you consider everything this software does I honestly wouldn't mind paying twice the asking price for it and it would still be reasonable at that price in my mind.

Speaking of price you can buy the software in two versions, a one seat or a two seat version... that basically means if you only have one computer then buy the one seat version and if you have two then buy the two seat version.

The one seat version is €79.- $79.- or £79.- or with the discount code HAYES10 you can get it for €69.- $69.- or £69.-

The two seat version is €99.- $99.- or £99.- or with the discount code HAYES10 you can get it for €89.- $89.- or £89.-

Please check here to see any special offers also on the Skylum website for your specific region.


I also have a full Luminar AI review here on my Landscape photography website.

"luminar ai promo code", "luminar ai discount code", "luminar ai discount code"Luminar AI review and promo codeLuminar AI promo code and review


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