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Formatt Hitech Discount Code for USA and worldwide use.

formatt Hitech discount code

Welcome to my Formatt Hitech Discount Code and Reviews page.

My Formatt Hitech Discount code HAYES10 works all year round and will work on the Formatt Hitech USA website as well as the worldwide international website.

Formatt Hitech has given me this discount code as I am a Featured Artist, Photography Educator and Brand Ambassador for Formatt Hitech.

That should save you a nice bit of money on the awesome Firecrest Ultra filters and the amazing Formatt Hitech magnetic filter holder. 

My Formatt Hitech Discount code works worldwide on both the Formatt Hitech worldwide website as well as the Formatt Hitech USA website.

The Formatt Hitech USA website services the United States, Canada and Mexico. While the International website services the rest of the world.

Simply enter my Formatt Hitech discount code at checkout to get 10% off all Formatt Hitech products via their website.

My Formatt Hitech reviews

Formatt Hitech Discount Code for USA and worldwide use.

Please also check out my Landscape photography website here where I showcase the images I have taken with their filters.

The Formatt Hitech discount code HAYES10 is currently the best discount code available worldwide, from time to time they have special offers and when they are on I post them here.

If you are interested in photography tips, I have a few tips and tricks posted up on Landscape Photography, Seascape Photography and Long Exposure Photography.

If I were to design a complete filter kit it would include the following filters. The Kieran Hayes Landscape photography kit 🙂

A Firecrest Ultra 4-stop Graduated Filter

A Firecrest Ultra 4-stop Neutral Density filter

A Firecrest Ultra 6-stop Neutral Density filter

A Firecrest Ultra 10-stop Neutral Density filter

A Firecrest Ultra 13-stop Neutral Density filter

The amazing Firecrest 100mm Magnetic filter holder

The filters I use the most are the 6 and 10-stop neutral density filters and the 4-stop graduated filter in the exceptional 100mm Firecrest MKII filter holder which has a built-in circular polarizing filter also.

They have a huge selection of filters from Neutral density filters all the way through to standard UV filters.

I run workshops all around Ireland where I explain how to use and work with filters, for more information on my photography workshops please click here.

Any questions about filters or if there are any special offers on the way then please feel free to contact me.

See you out there,


Don’t forget to check out my Formatt Hitech Firecrest Ultra filter review here

formatt Hitech discount code
Exclusive Formatt Hitech Discount Code for 2024

My Formatt Hitech Discount Code HAYES10 works worldwide on both the USA and International websites. It's updated daily for the best value deals.

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