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Professional Product Photography in Ireland.

Product photography cork Ireland

Professional Product photography in Cork, Kerry and Ireland

I provide professional product photography in Ireland and internationally where my clients send me their products and AI shoot them in my studio or on location depending on their needs. I can also go to you to shoot the product where you are located if that’s easier for you.

I travel throughout Cork, Kerry and Munster doing product photography for companies in all different sectors from advertising all the way through to E-commerce sales.

For E-commerce product photography I supply the images in both low and high resolution files and in both Jpeg and PNG file formats so you can hand the images straight to your graphic designer and they can get to work straight away.

Glasses product photography group shot Crann

Above products are from a recent shoot for Crann

You can also send us your product from anywhere in Ireland and we shoot it in our studio.

The products are then returned to you within a week by registered post (extra charge applies for postage).

Whiskey Product photography cork Ireland

Above product is from a recent shoot for Clonakilty Distillery

Before we shoot any of the products we do a test shot to confirm the style of image you would like to obtain for your product.

Product Photography Cork Ireland

Above products are from a recent shoot for Carbery Plastics

I can provide cut out images or shoot your products on different backgrounds, black or white backgrounds being the more popular.

Cork and Kerry fashion Photography

The above products are from a recent shoot with Caraliza Designs

To enquire about a product shoot or to get a no obligation quote please feel free to send me a  Message here or ring me on 087-9103794 and I will get back to you as soon as possible (please note if I am with a client I don’t answer my phone so please leave a voicemail and I will ring you back).

Product photography cork Ireland

The above products available from Wild Goose Studio

Our aim is to deliver beautiful high-quality photographs that highlight your product in the best possible way.

Through the use of the latest professional equipment, you can be assured of getting images with incredible detail while still at an affordable cost. I am currently using a full frame 46 megapixel Nikon Z7MKII or a D850 camera with professional lenses.

I also give discounts for ongoing or regular shoots so if you or your company are looking for a few photoshoots over the year I would be very happy to discuss this with you.

Jewellery Product Photography Cork Ireland, commercial photographer Cork Ireland

For Fashion Photography please click here 

For more information and pricing specific to Fashion Photography.

For Jewellery photography please click here 

For more information and pricing specific to Jewellery Photography.

Generally each image costs approx €12.- to €18.- + Vat but the price depends on a few different parameters. 

The first being the quantity of product… This justifies the setup time for lighting and working out how to shoot the product so it looks it’s absolute best. If it takes an hour to setup a single product then that’s going to be a lot more expensive then lets say 50 products that are just slight variations of each other. So I normally recommended clients get their similar products shot in large batches as it makes it a lot cheaper then.

Secondly, the difficulty of the product to shoot as some products are incredibly difficult to photograph due to their colour, shape and even size.

Lastly, it comes back to quantity again and sometimes you just have a singular difficult product to shoot and that is going to be a good bit more expensive to shoot then.

For example, furniture can be a very slow and tedious due to its size and range of possible accessories which is in stark contrast to smaller products like crystal or ceramics but in all these products meticulous attention to detail is incredibly important but due to the sheer scale of larger items they take more time.

Please see a small selection of my work below and if you have any questions then do please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your project.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you,


Whiskey Product photography cork Ireland
Product photography Ireland
sunglasses product photography Ireland
Sun glasses product photography Ireland
Glasses Product Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland by Kieran Hayes, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland