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My gear and Discounts

My photography gear and discount codes.

So this page is all about the equipment I use and the reductions I can offer you directly from the manufacturers.

I am absolutely delighted to be working with such amazing companies and better still to be able to offer you some reductions on their amazing products.

Before we go any further I would just like to say that I don’t promote any products I wouldn’t actually use myself.

Formatt Hitech filters and my reviews of their products along with special offers click here.

I consider myself to be very lucky to be a Featured Artist, Photography Educator and Brand Ambassador for Formatt Hitech filters. 

They are my go to filter manufacturer and the only brand I trust for my photography filters. I can give you 10% off all their products with discount code.

Luminar Neo Discount Code

Check out my Luminar Discount code here to save yourself some nice money on one of the best all round photography editing software out there.

50% off Pixpa Discount Code.

Are my website building platform of choice. I am very happy to be an ambassador for their web building platform and to be able to offer you 50% off with my discount code… which you can get on my Pixpa Review page here…


If you would like to learn more about their services and how you can save even more money then go to my Pixpa website review page to find out more.

Again if you have any question then please feel free to ask them.

Topaz Labs discount code and special offers

Topaz Labs promo code with 15% off all their software including Gigapixel AI Sharpen AI & DeNoise AI

Click here for the special offers and my reviews of these products.

20% off Themify Coupon code or Discount Code.

The awesome people over at Themify have given me an awesome 20% off Coupon code for their range of Wordpress Themify themes find out more here…

f-stop camera bags and accesories

I will have a 15% discount code for any workshop clients looking to buy some of the worlds best photography bags. A new page dedicated to f-stop bags and their equipment is coming soon. Until then please email me to find out more about the discount code.

Novo tripods and accessories

My 10% discount code for the Novo range of tripods and photography accessories. Click here for the Novo discount code and to find out more.

Crann Sunglasses and blue light filtered glasses 

My 15% discount code for Crann  sunglasses, blue light filtered glasses and watches, click here for the Crann discount code and to find out more.

If you have an question on any of the above then please do feel free to contact me, I am only too happy to help.