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Photography Workshops in Ireland : Stunning location in 2024

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My Photography Workshops in Ireland cater for Every Level of Photographer.

If you are passionate about your photography and want to learn more and push your creative skills even further then one of my Photography Workshops in Ireland could be exactly what you need to bring your skills to that next level.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, I have a Photography workshop that’s perfect for you.

I will not only help you to consistently take better photographs but more importantly help you relax and enjoy the process. Or as I like to call it “taking the monkey off your back” when you are out and about with your camera.

Types of Photography Workshops available.

I have two different types of photography workshops to choose from…

I have my group photography workshops where you will be one of a max of 3 people on the day (more details on that below).

I also have my One to one Photography workshops and these are the ones I really recommend as they are completely tailored to you and what you need to learn on the day (more details on them below).

Long Exposure Photography explained.

Group Photography Workshops Ireland Dates in 2024

Photography workshops Locations

I usually run my photography workshops in West Cork but they are also available all over Ireland (please contact me to find out more).

West Cork’s amazing beaches, cliffs, rolling fields and ever-changing light really help to set the scene and we travel to some stunning locations including Galley Head lighthouse, Long Strand Beach and Owenahincha beach as well as one or two stops along the way.

Crazily they are only 10 mins apart by car and there are no serious walking or fitness levels required.

Long Strand Beach west Cork at high tide.

Are my Photography workshops right for you?

Yes, they are, as my Photography workshops are suitable for all ages and skill levels, I get everyone from complete beginners all the way through to professional photographers regularly in my workshops and the age levels vary from 13 to 80+ years young.

I should also mention I don’t share behind the scenes photographs from my workshops or post on social media about them so your privacy is assured.

There is no real fitness level required as all the places are only a short walk from the car, we can of course go a bit more cross country if you prefer, for some of those special locations.

Sunset at Galley Head Lighthouse Co. Cork.

One to One Photography Workshops Ireland.

One to one photography workshops are without doubt the best way to dramatically improve your photography skills and also to help you enjoy your photography ventures a bit more also.

In my one to one sessions we concentrate on where you are on your photography journey and what you personally need to learn to help you improve. Or we can just cover everything like below for example…

a long exposure photograph of the sea

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Clouds drifting over cliffs and the ocean in West Cork, Ireland

What’s covered on a photography workshop?

Understanding your camera’s functions… The exposure triangle explained… Simplifying Exposure… Composition tips and techniques… How to capture what you see…

As well as several tips and tricks to help you not only create better photographs but enjoy the experience more also.

My photography workshops are all in plain English and I explain every part of how to capture the photograph you are looking for.

I have been running these photography workshops for over 10 years now and both national and international clients love the stunning scenery as well as the relaxed atmosphere on them.

West Cork truly is a place apart and the real beauty is the places we go to are not crowded by tourists walking into your shot.

Or if you would prefer to join me on a one to one tuition session then please do contact me and we can arrange a date that suits you.

See you out there,


Kieran Hayes Photography West Cork Ireland
Photography Workshops Ireland : Stunning locations for 2024

Photography workshops Ireland by International Award-Winning Photographer Kieran Hayes, covering both group and one to one photography workshops...

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