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What some of our customers have said

   "Thank you so much for being so sweet and gentle, you certainly have a natural way as you could tell from the amount of sleeping she did"


   "Omg we Absolutely LOVE the pics she is divine in them, we're so delighted."


   "Thank you so much the pictures are absolutely beautiful, we are so thrilled with them, Thank you so so much again they will definitely be cherished. We will be running out of wall space"


"Thanks a million just saw them now they are amazing, some very cute images. We are so delighted we found you as our photographer."


  "We contacted Kieran to do some photos of our newborn girl. Kieran was very friendly and professional from the first emails right through to providing the finished images in a very timely manner. He was very patient and understanding during the shoot as he has children himself. I would highly recommend him!"


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So what makes me different to everyone else?


1.- I call to you.


2.- I bring a full studio setup.


3.- You see the photographs on my laptop as I take them.


4.- I don't post your photographs on my Facebook page or for public viewing anywhere.


5.- I only use the latest professional equipment.


6.- I have a backup camera, lighting equipment and lenses with me at all times.


7.- I am fully insured.


8.- You choose the shots you want from the session, not me.


9.- You get the edited files to print where ever and as often as you want.


10.- Very fast turn around time on the images, "raw proofs" uploaded within 1 working day and digital negatives delivered 3 working days after receiving your selection.




Over the years I have captured tens of thousands of photographs of newborns and each and every single one has been both a joy and a real privilege for me.


I work in a very relaxed manner as the shoot is all under your control and the star of the show is your baby of course.




Funnily enough most parents really enjoy the shoots and the input they can provide while also seeing the results straight away on my laptop as I take the photographs. The usual comment after we are all done is something along the lines of "that was actually fun, I was dreading it".



I know after giving birth and all the life-changing moments people go through that the last thing you want is some stranger running around your home and putting pressure on to do this or that.



I have been through it 4 times already myself.



So I just try to make everything as easy as possible for my clients and help everyone relax and enjoy the experience. The real payment for me is seeing the parents faces as they look at the photographs.



Newborn shoots are something you just can't rush and as a parent, I understand how important these photographs really are.


Please click here to see my newborn photography price list.


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All digital photographs are delivered within 3 working days in your own private password protected gallery. I don't share your images anywhere online.


I have a blog post about newborn photography shoots and what to look out for, just click Here to read it.


To book a session or inquire about available dates or just to simply ask a few questions then please click here to message me


How the photographs are delivered...

As I take the photos you can see them on my laptop (in your home) or on a 24" professional monitor (in my studio), this helps to ensure that I the photographer and you the customer are on the same page regarding the style of images you would like to receive. For me, this is one of the most valuable tools for newborn photography as it takes the guesswork out of the resulting images for you the customer.


I then upload the images to a secure password protected gallery, from there you can select your images and I will finish of the selected shots to your satisfaction and then they are free to be downloaded, printed and kept forever. You get two galleries one in High resolution for printing and the other in low resolution which is ideal for emailing to family or friends or sharing via social media.




Why me?

I am an international award winning photographer and I only use professional grade equipment with a back up on hand at all times. I am also fully insured.

I am a member of Nikon's Professional user's club and the society of Professional Portrait photographers. All of this means nothing if you are not happy with the photographs which is why you see them while I actually take them (explained above).



As a father of four children (I delivered the youngest myself, completely not part of the birthing plan but the most amazing experience ever) I understand the sheer impact and life-altering event having a baby has on a family with all those beautiful moments and emotions rushing around as well as the sleepless nights (definitely worth it). I also completely understand how precious and delicate your little one is, I am always extremely careful while positioning or moving your baby.


My aim is to keep everything as relaxed and gentle as possible for both baby and parents. Everything is done at babies pace to ensure a happy experience. 



The priority for me is that you are very happy with the photographs you receive after the shoot. Regardless of anything else, this is the priority for me because I truly understand how important these images are. 


Newborn Photography produces some of the most utterly amazing photographs you will possibly ever have in your home, freezing those precious moments shortly after birth for a lifetime. Capturing this tiny little person on their first few days in this big world. 


A gift that keeps on giving over and over again down through the years, Photographs that will be cherished by both parent and child for decades to come.



Where and when...


The Photoshoot can be either in the comfort of your own home or in my studio. There is a travel charge if the shoot is further than 15km from Clonakilty. Please ask for more details and I will be happy to give you a personalised quote. Click Here to send me a message.


I bring all the props, studio lighting, blankets and accessories with me. Including a portable heater to keep baby extra warm. The lighting I use is low powered double diffused flash so it is extremely gentle and very kind to babies eyes, a lot of people are concerned about using direct flash like on a normal camera incl smartphones as newborns eyes are highly sensitive still. I can assure you this system is extremely safe and incredibly mild. 


All the props I use are replaced regularly and cleaned after every use. You can also choose the colour of the blankets, outfit and accessories for the shoot or even bring along something of sentimental value to you that you would like in one of the photos (old teddy bears and/or dolls are most common) 


Normally the best time for newborn portraits is within the first 14 days after birth as both mother and baby have had time to recover and get to know one and other. The newborn features are nearly perfect at that stage and the baby should be a bit more relaxed and comfortable in their new environment. They also sleep a lot at this time which is ideal for newborn shoots.



Before the photo shoot, it's best to change baby's nappy and to put it on looser than normal and to change into loose fitting clothes. Its usually best to for baby to have a feed 20-30 minutes before the shoot actually starts. Ideally, the room temperature should be around 20 degrees for the photo shoot to make sure the baby is relaxed and nice and warm.


On an ideal shoot baby will sleep through it. This makes it a lot easier to position hands, arms, legs & feet.



Any further questions then please feel free to ask, simply click Here to send me a message











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