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Photography Workshops West Cork, Ireland

Welcome to my photography workshops page on my website.

I run a selection of photography workshops in West Cork and Ireland covering landscape Photographey seascape photography and long exposure photography.

I have a selection of dates which you can find over on my landscape photography website by clicking here.

My photography workshop are all in plain English where I explain not only how your camera works but also how you can change a persons perspective of an view by simply altering your camera settings.

I have been running these photography workshops for years now and both national and international clients love the stunning scenery and the relaxed atmosphere on the workshops.

To find out the latest dates and times for my workshops please click here.

I also run one to one workshops and group workshops for camera clubs, if you are interested in one of these then please do contact me so we can talk about your workshop.

Until then I hope the light stays with you and enjoy your photography.

I use a vast amount of Photography equipment in my work but one of the items I always use in my landscape photography work are my Formatt Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters.

See you out there,


Photography Workshops West Cork, Ireland