Neewer F500 Field monitor review


My in-depth Neewer F500 Review.

Hello and welcome to my Neewer F500 Review this beautiful little 5.5” inch HDR touch screen High-Definition field monitor is literally jam packed with features including four different power options, yes I said four as they even give you a battery and charger with it. It also has the ability to upload Luts via the SD card slot so you can see apply a Lut to your footage.

Neewer F500 field monitor features.

  • 4K input and 4K loop through.
  • Full HD 5.5″ Crystal clear, bright and vibrant display.
  • Touch screen Display.
  • 160 degree viewing angle.
  • Vector Scope, false Colour, Oscilloscope and Focus Peaking.
  • 4 power options including… Battery power (supplied), 12 volt socket, via the USB C socket and it’s also compatible with Canon Lp6 and Sony NPF550 batteries.
  • 8.4 volt output for powering camera or other peripherals.
  • 3 mounting points on the monitor.
  • Headphone port and sound FL bars.

How well does it work?

The bright vibrant 5.5″ Full HD display gives you a 160 degree viewing angle and delivers tack sharp images on screen. It’s super easy to mount on your camera or rig and the multiple powering options make it super easy to power all day.

The touchscreen is responsive and works well for navigating through menus, I also really like that you can switch off the touch screen facility by short pressing the power button, which is handy the odd time.

The 8.4 volt output is great for powering a camera via a dummy battery or for powering other devices on your rig.

The headphone socket is is not vital for checking your audio but the on screen sound level bars are very nice to have as you can visually see your audio then.

The focus peaking also works beautifully and is super easy to use for any manual lenses you might have or for a follow focus unit also.

What price is the Neewer F500?

It’s retailing for around $189.- on the Neewer Website but remember Neewer have given me a discount code which currently saves you 21% off the price of the Neewer F500 field monitor worldwide on the Neewer website.

Neewer F500 build quality.

Now, the one thing I didn’t mention as of yet is the build quality and the very first time I opened the box I was very surprised at how light this Field Monitor was.

It left me a bit taken aback as I just expected something chunkier, now, I am not saying it’s badly made or too light in fact it seems to be the direct opposite but it just wasn’t what I was expecting on first inspection.

Once you add the battery and mounting bracket it does give it a bit more of a solid feel to the unit.

What I have found since though is it’s really nice to use with my Gimbal as extra weight there isn’t your friend even when it’s attached to the gimbal and not the camera.


Overall the Neewer F500 Monitor is an excellent field monitor with a crisp vibrant display, tons of features like a vectorscope, flase colour etc and plenty of options when it comes to powering the monitor. The touch screen works well, making it super easy to navigate through the on screen menus.

What impressed me most about the F500 has to be the display though, that wide viewing angle and it’s a sharp bright image IPS display made this unit a serious part of my video rig and it has now replaced my older monitor. It really is a great improvement and I have loved using it.

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Thanks again for reading my review and if you have any questions then please feel free to ask them as I am only too happy to help.

See you out there,